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1st Smart Village Network Meeting - Ellivuori, Finland - 5-7 February 2019

The 1st meeting of the Smart Village Network was organised in Finland (Ellivuori Resort), with support from the Finnish Village Movement and the Finnish National Rural Network. The meeting was focused on:

  • transnational cooperation between smart villages;

  • developing practical joint activities of SVN members.


First Smart Village Network Meeting - Introduction, Edina Ocsko, SVN Animation Team

The Finnish Village Movement & Smart Villages, Petri Rinne, Finnish Village Movement

Ellivuori Resort &  Smart Planning, Anne Spårman-Sievola, Ellivuori Resort


Smart Villages in Finland, Lauri Hyttinen, Finnish National Rural Network 

Smart Villages in Spain & Catalonia, Sonia Llamas Comellas, Association for Rural Development in Central Catalonia 

Smart Villages in Sweden, Emma Bergstrand, Local Development Sweden

Main outcomes of the meeting

Fieldvisit: Making use of abandoned local rural school buildings




SVN Declaration

Check out the event's photo gallery:

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