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1st Smart Village Network Meeting - Finland - 5-7 February 2019

The 1st meeting of the Smart Village Network was organised in Finland (Ellivuori Resort), with support from the Finnish Village Movement and the Finnish National Rural Network. The first part of the meeting was open to all interested stakeholders and focused on supporting transnational cooperation between smart villages. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to registered Smart Village Network members and focused on developing practical joint activities of the Smart Village Network. See the event's outcomes, videos, presentations, etc. here.

2nd Smart Village Network Meeting - Hungary - 18-19 June 2019

The 2nd SVN meeting took place in South-West Hungary, and was hosted by Koppany-Valley Naturpark (one of our Hungarian SVN members). The meeting aimed at discussing future cooperation opportunities that members would jointly engage in as well as present in a realistic way the challenges and opportunities of lagging behind rural areas.

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