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The Smart Village Network is a bottom-up initiative supported by a group of independent organisations with extensive experience in rural development, networking and EU policies. This initiative is not part of any EU-funded programmes. Network animation and support is provide on a voluntary basis, by...

E40 is a group of experienced and dynamic professionals who work in the fields of social, economic, rural and environmental development. We have extensive experience in working on a wide range of European projects and in several individual EU Member States (including Hungary, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom).

We believe that European policies and projects need to be brought closer to people that they are targeted at to have real effect on the ground and so that people do not feel that European policies are operating in a 'cloud' or 'bubble'. Therefore, in our working we strongly apply stakeholder-engagement, networking, interactive and creative methods.

For more information visit our website or contact us: (

E40 Group

E40 Group works in close cooperation with...

eTownz is an Irish company that specialises in developing digital tools for the development sector working on projects in community development and international development. In the past 5 years, eTownz has undertaken extensive research with institutions such as DIT, TCD and NUI Galway to develop user friendly digital tools to empower communities.

eTownz specialises in web development, data visualisation and interpretation and also provides consultancy and training. eTownz is passionate about the role that digital technologies can play in the community development sector.

Main contact: Pat Kennedy (

University of Ljubljana implements and promotes basic, applied and developmental research and is pursuing excellence and the highest quality as well as the highest ethical criteria in all scientific fields and art

UL is very active in national and international R&D and educational programmes and networks, and creates almost half of the research results of Slovenia. As such, it cooperates in numerous EU projects funded by the EU and Structural Funds. Large number of those projects are related to social and economic rural development, supported by co-creation and open innovation.

Main contact: Emilija Stojmenova (

University of Ljubljana

Stichting Wageningen Research (Wageningen Research Foundation, WR) consists of a number specialised institutes for applied research in the domain of healthy food and living environment. Wageningen Economic Research, is one of the research institutes within the legal entity Stichting Wageningen Research. WR collaborates with Wageningen.


WR has a strong track record of multidisciplinary projects and is involved in hundreds of EU-funded projects (FP7 and Horizon 2020) and many other large national and international research projects). Wageningen Economic Research is an internationally leading socio-economic research institute that offers governments and companies (socio)economic insights and integral advice.

Main contact: Jan Willem van der Schans (

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