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An idea or interest is a development concept for the village not yet (being) implemented and funded that the village plan to implement in the future.

A project or initiative is a specific set of actions/activities implemented for the development of the village. A project or initiative typically focuses on one specific development aspect or theme. It may (but not necessarily) have received public funding. It is implemented during a specific period (e.g. 1 year) and can be still on-going or already completed.

A strategy or action plan is a more comprehensive development concept, often following an integrated approach: i.e. addressing several development aspects and themes in an integrated, coherent and synergic way. A programme or strategy is a medium to long-term development concept that generally covers a concrete period (e.g. several years). It is often developed by public bodies for the development of a rural territory; and as such often financed from public funding.

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