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MENDINET is the LAG that implements the participatory local development strategy in the Basque Country and it is formed, among others, by the 18 Rural Development Associations of the region. We are working on the solutions to the main challenges of the rural areas of our land, which are the creation and diversification of the economic activity, employment generation and the consolidation of a supply of quality services. We have just launched the SMART RURAL project, which we hope will help local agents plan and develop a smart future in the coming years.


Balquhidder Community Broadband Community Interest Company is a community based social enterprise based around the villages of Balquhidder and Balquhidder Station. It was formed by the community to solve the problem of poor and non-existent broadband in our area. As the national government schemes were not offering any suitable solutions, the community took the decision that as no one was going to do it for us we would just have to do it ourselves. Ensuring that the community effort would only have to be done once we have delivered a future proof and upgradable FTTP 1 Gbps fibre solution to every property in the community. Using community volunteers to eliminate all labour costs on building the local fibre network reduced the capital investment required to approximately half of the commercial costs for such a build. As well as benefiting from world class broadband the community now owns a considerable infrastructure asset in the form of the local fibre network. Moving forward the project is working through digital inclusion workshops to ensure everyone, young and old, is able to make best use of the transformation broadband speeds being delivered. Using government figures economic uplift for the community could be in the region of £5m and the project is now working on plans to upgrade the village hall to provide facilities for a community and business hub including Village Cinema, Conference, Business, Meeting, Function, and Training facilities and the development of tele-health facilities on the community.

Iivantiira Village Society

Iivantiira Village Society is a non-profit organisation, which on a voluntary and self-reliant basis improves the life conditions of inhabitants of the village neighborhood and the working conditions of local enterprises. The village has been - in terms of finances and voluntary work input - the driving force in the construction of the village fiber network in north-western Kuhmo, Finland. As next step in smart village development, the village will construct a wireless network, which can surpass problems created by long-term electric breakdowns occurring in the region. Apart from being an aid for the local rescue services, this will also speed up the adoption of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology, which is an essential building block in moving towards information society.


Lormes has an ambition to be a village of the future; connected to global digital opportunities but also galvanising the community to co-create priority local services. With fibre-optic internet in every street and a multi-functional digital hub/fab-lab and related services, new opportunities are created for business, local government and the rural community.

National Association of Virtuous Municipalities

The National Association of Virtuous Municipalities is a network of about 100 local bodies committed to a balanced and sustainable management of their territories and raising awareness on sustainability. It collects and spreads good practices with a focus on profitable projects promoting efficiency and energy savings, new ways of life and the active participation of citizens.

La Noguera Medinaceli

La Noguera Medinaceli aims at improving the effectiveness of policies by actively supporting social entrepreneurs in sparsely populated areas as a driver to regional competitiveness, job creation and inclusive growth. La Noguera Medinaceli believes that Social Enterprises directly benefit local development and local communities.

Arctic Smart Rural Communities

Our mission is to avoid capital outflow from the Lapland villages and create new innovative enterprises based on circular economy. ProAgria Lapland has created the Agrohub-model for village and community development based on circular and bioeconomy. The Arctic Smart Rural Communities Cluster is developing Villages and it is supported by the Lapland Regional Counsil.

Ludgate Hub (Skibbereen)

The Ludgate Hub in Skibbereen, Co. Cork Ireland's first 1GB town, is one of the best examples of innovation occurring in rural Ireland and indeed a blue print for other rural areas. Our goals are ambitious, ultimately resulting in a return of the diaspora, creating an ecosystem of creativity and innovation, and progressing the facilitation of job growth via digital technology.


In TAGUS we believe that building smart villages strongly relies not only on the right services and economic activities, but also on successful governance models. We bring innovation in the rural territory by integrating elements of smart specialisation into the LEADER method, to create a new governance model. Welcome to SMART LEADER!


SECAD Partnership enables rural communities across the Island of Ireland to develop strategies and actions to promote their vibrancy and sustainability under various themes including mobility, digital connectivity, biodiversity, social inclusion, economic regeneration through SMART planning and development

Association of Rural Development of Catalonia

The Association of Rural Development is a non-profit organisation and a Local Action Group (LAG) in Central Catalonia that aims to foster entrepreneurship in rural areas, especially through a strategic project on circular economy and improving ICT. We believe that these approaches will help our territory becoming more competitive and efficient.

Association of Rural Mayors in France

The Association of Rural Mayors of France unites, informs and represents the mayors of municipalities with less than 3,500 inhabitants. The association is committed to defend the specific interests of rural areas at both local level and national levels. It works towards a more balanced approach to local planning and places its actions within the wider European rural context.

Rocca di Cerere

Rocca di Cerere Geopark is a Local Action Group (LAG) and responsible for the management of Rocca di Cerere UNESCO Global Geopark. The purpose of a UNESCO Global Geopark is to explore, develop and celebrate the links between the area's geological, natural, cultural and intangible heritage. Its strategy fosters an integrated strategic approach to revitalise rural services through digital and social innovation.


Eskola is a small and active village in western Finland. We are a pioneer of village development: our own company Eskola Village Service Ltd. provides daycare, restaurant and domestic services, and the village society operates EU projects. Eskola is also experimenting a new way to organise primary schooling with a partner town 500 km away, using digital teaching applications.

Kantri ry Leader

Smart Villages is a concept Kantri ry Leader embraces. Local development has limited resources, and it is important to use them smartly. Finland has a competition for Smart Villages and related development, based on multi-sectoral approach, and Kantri's area is active with three villages taking part. Futhermore, now is the right time to influence coming programming period.

Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER

The FVL Local Action Group was established to invest in the development of villages who are located in the area encompasses the rural Stirling, Clackmannanshire and West Dunbartonshire. We also includes a large part of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.We wish to advance the opportunities which new technologies offers community and public services, transforming the way these villages live, work and learn.

Swedish LEADER Network

LUS is an association of organisations working with Community Led Local Development (CLLD) under the LEADER approach. Our mission is to strengthen and further develop the LEADER approach.We are currently looking on possibilities to strengthen the exchange of good practices and ideas between the villages in our country, using ideas of our members. One example that we are looking to develop further, is the network of active villages that has started as a bottom-up initiative from one of our members, in Leader Linné Småland.

Monaghan Integrated Development

Monaghan Integrated Development works to support rural communities and villages in county Monaghan, Ireland to plan for their areas and to be in a position to confidently face the many challenges and opportunities from a social inclusion, employment and local development perspective. These issues include digitisation, transition to low carbon economy, transport, and the opportunities for the local circular and bio economy.

LAG Prlekija

LAG Prlekija includes 8 municipalities, in an area characterised by a diverse and well-preserved natural and cultural landscape, rich cultural and historical heritage and well-balanced mix of urban and rural settlements. The LAG strategy aims to transform opportunities into strong development potential.

Villages Association of Harju County

Aim of our organisation is active, sustainable, community-based village associations who are economically strong and innovative. To achieve that we inform, initiate projects and encourage cooperation in the region between different partners. Membership of Smart Villages Network give us the new perspective in international level and opportunity to get and share different good practices.

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